A referral-based Registered Investment Advisory 

WJ Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) that provides investment services to our individual, corporate, and other institutional clients nationwide. Our primary investment program involves the Guidance model portfolios that are managed by the WJWM principals, not unrelated third-party asset managers. Our investment process is clearly defined and fully transparent.

Introducing GUIDANCE Investment Model Portfolios

Working with firms such as BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, and LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer organization*, we have constructed a series of investment model portfolios that combine our personal "hands on" asset management teamed with the technical resources of major players in the investment world. The process of creating these models works like this-

  • At WJ Wealth Management we decide through our ongoing research which exchange traded funds (ETFs) from a wide variety of providers (Vanguard, State Street, Invesco, BlackRock and more) will be the best fit for our clients’ portfolios.

  • We consult with BlackRock using their Aladdin operating system’s risk analytics to further screen the portfolios for, among other things, avoiding single stock concentration, added risk mitigation, and historical performance, which we review regularly and make changes where and when needed.

  • After the positions for each model are finalized we utilize LPL’s Risk Scoring system to make sure the model is and stays aligned with the client’s objective. The portfolio is placed on LPL’s Model Wealth Portfolio (MWP) platform for services such as automatic quarterly rebalancing and restricting unwanted "style drift". 

Models currently open and available for investment:

Guidance Economic Evolution 

Guidance Capital Appreciation  

Guidance Growth

Guidance Socially Aware Growth 

Guidance Growth with Income 

Guidance Balanced

Guidance Harbor

Guidance Capital Preservation

Guidance Foundational Steward (designed for non-profit and fiduciary organizations)

*As reported by Financial Planning Magazine June 1996-2021 based on total revenue